Position Snapshot

Position Corporate Board Advisor – Property Management Company Please Assist Me

Compensation 0.1% - 0.25% (2-year vesting, 1-year cliff, quarterly thereafter)

Location Remote (Global, US preferred)

Founder(s) Stephanie Cummings

Website Pleaseassistme.com

Organizational Overview

Please Assist Me (PAM) is an app that helps you manage household chores by connecting you with reliable personal assistants. We partner with the owners of apartment complexes and multi-family units to provide worry-free on-demand home services to their residents. Tenants can use PAM to schedule our trusted assistants directly from their phones. With a few simple clicks, they’ll have someone to take care of those important but time-consuming tasks—dry cleaning, dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and other errands. We can even do the grocery shopping or gift wrapping around the holidays!

Please Assist Me works directly with apartment complexes to increase the value they offer to their tenants. We have an amazing, Rockstar team that is highly trained, highly insured, and highly trustworthy. All of our assistants go through a selective hiring process. Once they pass a background check and are trained, they work in teams of two and wear body cams while working in the property. With the Please Assist Me App, access to a worry-free household help is at our client’s fingertips.

Since starting in 2017, we have partnered with residential complexes in Tennessee and Washington, DC. Please Assist Me participated in Cohort 1 of Backstage Accelerator and was the winner of the HERImpact DC Pitch Competition and the Paley Rothman Vinetta Project Venture Challenge.

Board Member’s Impact Potential

Please Assist Me has had early success with product-market fit in their existing service areas but to reach our goal of becoming a leading company in the Proptech sector we will need to draw on the expertise of seasoned industry professionals. That is why we are searching for business executives to join our company as corporate board advisors. New team members in this role can expect to be involved with discussing and identifying potential strategies, new markets, possible areas of improvement, and future challenges. As Please Assist Me continues to grow to scale, board advisors should be able to draw on their prior business experience and contacts to solve relevant problems, make valuable connections, and offer guidance to the CEO, and the management team, on important business decisions.

What Can Be Accomplished

As one of two property management board advisors on an advisory board of four board members, you will have the opportunity to participate in a promising start-up during our most pivotal period of growth. You will be able to use your connections and abilities to enable Please Assist Me to expand our reach on the eastern seaboard to large urban areas like New York, Miami, and Atlanta. Through your role, you will be able to work with other top-level advisors to identify how and where Please Assist Me can best focus our time, attention, and resources.

You’ll gain experience in corporate governance and teamwork as you and the other board advisors work to shape the future of the company and our employees. It is our goal to improve the current landscape of residential rental properties for both residents and property managers. We aim to do this by taking an experiential approach to amenities and integrated living, and by offering affordable and accessible Proptech.

We don’t just plan on growing; we plan on growing fast. As we grow to scale, our corporate advisor will ensure we stay true to our vision by stimulating growth while keeping internal systems robust enough to handle new customers. Advisors will also be looked to for input as we define a uniform company brand and message, grow our reputation with property management companies, and increase our number of permanent contracts.

As Please Assist Me continues our upward trajectory, corporate advisors will have the chance to work together to use their skills to review and analyze customer and industry data to refine our business practices, propose new features, identify high-value market prospects and develop sales strategies.

Who You’ll Be Working With

Stephanie Cummings and Rashad Cummings are the founders of Please Assist Me. The founding team has successfully pitched and partnered with apartment complexes in Nashville, TN and Washington, DC to attract and retain tenants by providing their residents with our personal assistant app. They will be working personally with the corporate board advisors to offer more apartment-dwellers a better quality of life by connecting with new property managers and expanding the regional market of Please Assist Me.

What You’ll Bring to the Company

● A successful tenure in a VP or higher-level corporate position

● Familiarity with multifamily-class-A projects

● Experience in apartment property management or residential building development, or experience as a multi-use commercial developer and/or property manager that collaborates with residential developers or property managers

● Appreciation for working in the fast-moving business landscape of urban real estate ● Knowledge of trends in resident amenities, integrated living, and Proptech A robust personal network of industry contacts

Prior work history or connections with large, national property management companies such as Lincoln Property Company, GreyStar, Equity Residential, Kettler, Camden Properties Trust, Avalon Bay, and UDR

Hard work, grit, and the determination to see results

Impact Description – Year 1

The below list breaks down the effect that this position will have on the company into a clear set of actionable goals. We recommend that, prior to reaching an agreement, both the board advisor and the CEO review and modify this list, as necessary. The final timeline should guide the advisor's decision-making process throughout their first year and also provide a mutually defined and understandable measure of success for the end of the year.

Within 1 Month, You’ll:

● Meet with the board of advisors

● Work with the CEO and COO to get up to date on PAM’s current projects ● Develop a list of the top ten property management companies for Please Assist Me to work with

● Become a member of the Please Assist Me team by getting to know the other team members and getting briefed on the current business structure, strategies, challenges, and goals of the company

● Act as an ambassador for the Please Assist Me brand and supporting the company’s network through five “warm” introductions to potential clients or employees

Within 3 Months, You’ll

● Reevaluate your efforts from the first month to identify and make improvements ● Identify key metrics (i.e. retention, lease-up rate, occupancy rate) for corporate proposals

● Provide guidance on developing a relationship with “warm” introductions Within 6 Months, You’ll

● Review existing pilot-program agreements, permanent agreements, and corporate proposals in preparation for pitching to interested property management companies from the top-ten list

● Provide guidance on the development of a successful pilot agreement

Within 12 Months, You’ll

● Make intros for additional pilot agreements

● Guide Please Assist Me’s expansion into new markets as successful pilot agreements are converted into permanent agreements

● Assist with the execution of Please Assist Me’s first agreement with a nation-wide property management company

● Work with other team members to identify future growth goals while maintaining the quality of our services, personnel, and the overall health of the company

● Review the success of the prior year’s internal and external business relationships and identify areas to improve and grow.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ Please Assist Me

Our customers come from all walks of life and so do we. We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger. If you share our values and our enthusiasm for small businesses, you will find a home at Please Assist Me.

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